Here are some things you may need to know

before and after signing up for website hosting.

Please email:

(unless you've already done so) and let them know

the URL of the website or website(s) (for example: you would like to have on the Internet. 


Please note:  If the URL (for example: that you want to host on Grand Slam Website Hosting Co.'s servers is a WordPress website already hosted on another website hosting company's server, you will also need to email us the WordPress login information (wp-admin username and password) so that we can login to that WordPress installation's "Dashboard" and copy the all of the files, images, email addresses, plugins, formatting, themes, etc. 


Before your website will work on one of Grand Slam Website Hosting Co.'s servers, "we" must change the nameservers at your domain name hosting company's web site to:

Don't know what to do?

Hundreds (thousands?) of people have sent John the username and password information to their account at their domain name host.  They either did not know how to set the two nameservers listed above or they just didn't want to do it themselves. 

It's kind of "creepy" giving someone the login information to your DNS account, but, like I said, I've set the nameservers for perhaps thousands of websites without a "mishap" yet (just kidding - you will definitely not be our first "mishap") and John will be glad to do the same thing for you if you like.


Is any of this information above too confusing?  Call John at 706-466-5646 during the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM Monday - Friday and he'll talk you through it.  If no answer, leave a message and he'll get back to you.

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